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Hipnoterapia Psicologia Hipnose Joana Miranda




I am a facilitator for deep transformation processes, inner discoveries, self-empowerment and search for the inner truth. This therapeutic method integrates my life’s mission in which I focus what I’ve learnt and lived in over 30 years of exploration of the human psyche, along with all its challenges and complexity in different social and cultural contexts. Throughout this discovery path, this deep dive, patient and therapist are aligned in the cure process, in a cognitive, emotional and energetic dialogue. The wounds are healed one by one, carefully, and the masks no longer have the space to manifest themselves. The deep, ancestral and unique truth for each human being is thus evoked, along with the reason for its existence. Every fear, concern, anxiety and pain can gradually be abandoned, and the deep inner Self can splendidly emerge. This method not only congregates psychology, hypnosis and transpersonal psychotherapy techniques, but also regressive and active imagination techniques, as well as ancestral knowledge and values from active listening, conscious presence and empathy. All the internal and external resources are used in a total alchemy of inner transmutation.

Krishna (Spring in Kulu), Painting by Nicholas Roerich

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