Hipnoterapia Psicologia Hipnose Joana Miranda

Each person is an universe and each one requires an individualized intervention.

If some search for a therapeutic intervention focused on healing specific problems, others search for transformation, the rescue of all their potential and inner energy, the reconnection with the inner peace and the inner self, with others and with the Earth.

The therapeutic approach comes along with the transpersonal psychotherapy, understanding the individual as a whole: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My therapeutic method includes techniques from hypnotherapy, transpersonal therapy and neurolinguistic programming are blended, as well as regression and active imagination techniques.


The appointments can take place once every week, once every 2 weeks or once every month, according to the patient's availability.

Between each appointment activities that may include meditation, specific body movements, spending time in the nature, among others, can be recommended in order to increase the conscience level on the process as well as acquire specific competences. 

In the case of elderly, handicap people or in specific situations and when considered helpful, the therapeutic intervention might privilege a therapy based on massage, music and sound's techniques.

The therapeutic process comes along very naturally. It is a safe and non-invasive method, in which the patient is in an altered state of conscience, called trance, being given the possibility of having access to his unconscious information and processes, fundamental for the healing process, under guidance of the therapist.

Knowing the origin of the problems makes it possible to change, in a lower number of appointments than that of the traditional psychological therapies, the dysfunctional behaviors and to end the existing suffering, rediscovering the balance and rescuing the pleasure of living.

The therapy is efficient in situations that involve emotional issues: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, mourning and traumas of different kinds.


It is also recommended for situations where a full sexual life or sexual orientation is not being lived and assumed, where people are not discovering or expressing their own truth, for situations of low self-esteem, of continuous sadness and apathy.


It is also recommended for persons that are dealing with difficulties of integrating processes of spiritual awakening.

Good results had been obtained working with people related to art and culture who want to explore inner resources and creativity.

However, this intervention is not recommended for people suffering from schizophrenia, epilepsy, or psychoses.

The main group of focus are adults and young adults from 16 years old.

Whatever the intervention may be, the therapy is focused in love energy, compassion, truth and in an intense energetic connection with the patient.