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january 3rd, 17th and 31st

Fairy House

In old societies and in some non ocidental societies a great importance is given to the ritualization of the most important moments of life. In our culture often we can't deeply feel the significance of relevant moments of our existence. We can't fully feel the happiness of some unique moments and we don't relieve the pain associated with others.

In these sessions, in the presence of the therapist, is created an energetic field of facilitation of the experience of a moment of great significance. A space to the exchange of words and of an intention towards something new: a new life with someone we love, a new house, a pregnancy, a birth...

Emotions can be expressed and shared in a magic ambience.

During the session moments of verbal expression, music, silence, artistic expression chosed by the participants (drawing, painting, writing, movement,....).

All the expressions are welcomed.


All those that try to experience in all fulfilness the significance of an event or, by the contrary, make the cut with something casing sufference in the past, allowing the arrive of a new cycle.


-Pregnancy, birth

-New life cycle: menstruation, menopause, andropause


-Facilitation of lost/mourning processes

-Facilitation of forgiveness processes


Para mais informações, contacte a terapeuta.