Hipnoterapia Psicologia Hipnose Joana Miranda




Bachelor Degree in Psychology in 1990, in Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Lisboa [“Psychology and Education Sciences Faculty, Lisbon University”].

Master Degree in Intercultural Relations in 1994, in Universidade Aberta [“Portuguese Open University”], and Doctoral Degree in Social Psychology in 2002, in Universidade Aberta.

Post-graduation Degree in ​Curadoria e Programação das Artes in 2014 ["Art Programming and Curatorship"], in Universidade Católica Portuguesa ["Catholic Portuguese University"]


Clinic Hypnotherapist (MindTraining), with formation in NeuroLinguistic Programming and Regression Therapy.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy Techniques (TPT), at Instituto do Transpessoal Almasoma. Professional Formation recognized by EARTH Association for Regression Therapy.

I am 5 years old, was born in Coimbra and live in Lisbon. I am married, mother of three children.

I feel grateful to be able to Write, Learn and Teach, facilitate psychotherapeutic processes of transformation.

Complementary formation 

I have also been dedicated to the study of complementary therapeutic areas such as Essential Reiki (with Heather Straube), shamanic healing (USA, with Steve Serr and Debbie Miller), continuing formation in Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Mário Resende and Ilja van de Griend team from Instituto Almasoma. 

Academic life

​I have dedicated most of my life to academic activities in Universidade Aberta where I teach: coordinations of bachelor, master and doctoral courses, coordination of research group "Women studies. Gender, Culture and Society" (CEMRI). National and international scientific publications, national and international conferences, consulting, and research. I am very interested in the way nature affects the balance and well-being, trying to understand women and cure processes in ancestral cultures, reason why I am a researcher in Centro de Ecologia Funcional ["Centre for Functional Ecology"] in Universidade de Coimbra ["University of Coimbra"].

Citizenship concerns

Ever since I can remember I have always been concerned about the intervention and empowering of women belonging to stigmatized groups, namely immigrant  women and victims of domestic violence, a reason why I have been collaborating with women's associations and publishing articles related to gender's issues. In Amazon, Brazil, where I lived for a short period of my life, I got to know indigenous women victims of discrimination and learnt valuable lessons about healing processes.

Personal development

Through my inner demand process I have been involved in a wide range of activities, yoga, Chi Kung (José Manuel Coelho), biodanza (with Nuno Pinto), craniosacral therapy (with Juan Yusta) and meditation (with Paulo Borges and budist masters).  I like to paint and to write and published six novels and a children' book.

What I am searching for...

I want to experience the truth of life, the contact with nature, meditation, artistic expression, body expression though dance, and, often, punctual experiences of self-communion. I appreciate art and beauty. I love travelling to natural and sacred places, searching for stays in monasteries with the goal of intensifying the connection to what is sacred, sharing the best I have with each and every person that crosses my path. I like to challenge, deconstruct and help finding the inner truth beyond every mask, shadow and illusion.

By Mário Pires



Member of the Board of the Federação Portuguesa de Psicoterapia (FEPPSI) [“Portuguese Psychotherapy Federation”], between January 2017 and March 2018.

I've been given the title of Specialist in Social Psychology by Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (OPP) [“Portuguese Order of Psychologists“].

Member of Associação Luso-Brasileira de Psicoterapia Transpessoal (Alubrat) ["Luso-Brasilian Transpersonal Therapy Association"].

I was a part of the governing bodies of Associação Mulher Alternativa e Resposta (UMAR), and Associação Mulher Migrante.

I collaborated with the Associação de Estudos sobre as Mulheres (APEM), Associação Sócio Cultural AGIR, AtGender, Observatório das Migrações, ACIDI, among others.





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